Journal for May 2001

The fire didn’t happen – too much rain, for too many days, and then Ron and Armand couldn’t reschedule their other burns after they missed that much time.

A few days spent finishing up the floor project.  We were hoping to move in on Friday, but I rented a truck, and when we got to the place (Bill’s garage in Mondovi), it turned out to be totally disorganized, and there was no truck.  We did put in a counter and finish up all the molding, so we’re ready for the stove and the furniture.

We got the stove and the gas tanks in; nice folks doing it all.  Very hot day – 95 degrees.

We saw a large snapping turtle in Torks’ pond.  And a fawn which hid in the plants near the cabin all morning and then we finally saw him when we were quietly having our lunch on the porch.  He seemed calm and very young, and he settled back down in the weeds – maybe to wait for his mom to come back.

We walked slowly up to Hidden Oaks Prairie – a wonderful sight, with Hoary Puccoon blooming everywhere, mixed with Blue-eyed Grass and Prairie and Birds-foot violets.  Also saw the first monarch of the year near Diamond Bluff, and the first Tiger Swallowtail near Hidden Oaks Prairie.  The Pedicularis is blooming; a big clump in the patch of prairie before you get to Hidden Oaks.