Journal for February 10, 2018

It’s been a cold and snowy month – beautiful, but it makes it difficult for us to work outside.  So this will be mostly a post of snow pictures.

I’ve spent the last few days changing the look of the website.  Most things should be the same, but the blog posts will look a bit different.  I’m still getting used to the new look and the way things work.


The wetland and Center Valley


Buffalo Ridge Prairie – Mike has been trying to keep our walking paths plowed.


I finished my planting in Volvo Meadow – on a warm day, just before the big snow came.


Prairie seeds


This was our biggest storm of the winter.



The snow was beautiful, especially when the sun came out.


East Center Valley


Mike plowed the driveway, so we could get out if we needed to.


It was a winter wonderland for about 3 days – no wind, and very cold.


Western Road


Maple Ridge


Narrows Prairie




East Center Valley


Center Valley



Buffalo Ridge and Western Prairie