Journal for March 6, 2016

This is the time of year when the days are a mix of winter and spring.

Center Valley 2-19-16

(I’ve finally started putting up larger photos.  So if you click on a photo – from now on – you’ll be able to see a larger version.)

Most of the snow has melted, but we’re still having days of snow squalls and storms.

snowstorm 2-28-16 1


Snow covers the ground for a day or two, and then melts again.

snowstorm 3-4-16 1


The south-facing prairie bluffs are mostly clear of snow.  The foreground is in the shadow of Maple Ridge, so it gets almost no sun in winter, and is always the last place to lose its snow.

sumac prairie 2-25-16


There’s still snow on the north-facing slopes.  This is the view from Indian Grass Point, down Center Valley.

indian grass point 2-27-16


And the tops of the ridges are still a little snowy in places.

Buffalo Ridge 2-27-16


We’ve been able to walk up to some of our benches.  Now that they’re snow-free we can sit and look at the views.

first bench walk 2-17-16


We’re starting to think about working on some of our clearing projects again.  This is the spring view of the path up Indian Grass Point.  We’re hoping to get more of the small trees cleared out this spring.

indian grass path 2-21-16


We’re pretty sure we heard a Bluebird today, so I scrambled to get some of our bluebird houses ready.



Ctenucha caterpillars – the earliest caterpillars we see – are starting to crawl across the road.  They’ll turn into beautiful little day-flying moths in early summer.

ctenucha caterpillar 2-26-16


I put out moth bait one warm night, and got some February moths – the first time I’ve ever seen moths so early.  I saw about 20 moths that night – February 27th.  All except one were this species – Morrison’s Sallows.

Eupsilia morrisoni 2-27-16 1


Today the snow was completely gone from Buffalo Ridge – and the forecast is for rain and warm temperatures all week.  So it looks like spring really has arrived.

Buffalo Ridge 3-6-15