Thyris maculata – Spotted Thyris Moth

Hodges # 6076

Caterpillar foods: Clematis and Houstonia   (on Bugguide)

These are tiny moths – less than half an inch long.   I think they’re more common than I realize – they’re so small that I don’t see them unless I’m looking closely.

6/26/2006  The first time I saw these moths – they were with large fluttering groups of butterflies, all sucking up the salt and minerals left from evaporating rainwater, dead animals and animal scat.


6/26/2006   The Spotted Thyris moths are so small that at first I didn’t realize what they were. They looked like tiny crumpled butterflies. Here they are, puddling on the driveway, with some butterflies and a fly.  They’re a little smaller than the fly.




6/25/2011 on bird droppings


5/3/2012  on Wild Geranium


5/23/2016  on Robin’s Plantain (Erigeron pulchellus)

Thyris maculata 5-23-16 1



Thyris maculata 5-26-16 1

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