Sumac Prairie 2006

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4/30/2006 – Birds Foot Violets (Viola pedata)


4/30/2006 – Birds Foot Violets


9/2/2006  This year we decided to try an assault on the sumac again, now that we had learned more about prairie restoration techniques.  We had heard that we should cut sumac close to the ground, just when it started to turn color, and treat the stumps with round-up.  Here I am, clipping and treating sumac – the beginning of the project.


9/2/2006 – clipping sumac


9/2/2006 – clipped area


9/9/2006 – another view of the clipped area


9/9/2006 – There’s still lots of sumac left!


9/9/2006 – Great Plains Ladies Tresses (Spiranthes magnicamporum) – a lovely orchid that grows in dry prairies, and blooms in the fall.


9/9/2006 – Silky Aster (Aster sericeus) and Dewberry (Rubus flagellaris/hispidus – I’m not sure which this is)


9/9/2006 – another view of the cleared area


9/9/2006 – Gray Goldenrod (Solidago nemoralis)


9/9/2006 – The lower half of the prairie has very little sumac and lots of Gray Goldenrod (Solidago nemoralis) right now.


9/10/2006 – Sumac Prairie from the wetland


9/10/2006 – View from the wetland, showing the cleared patch


9/16/2006 – A better view of the cleared patch


9/9/2006  The aspens on Sumac Corner Prairie are dying.

9-9-06 1 sumac corner pr