Hemaris diffinis – Snowberry Clearwing

Family Sphingidae   Hodges # 7855

Capterpillar foods: dogbane (Apocynum), honeysuckle (Lonicera), bush honeysuckle (Diervilla), and snowberry (Symphoricarpos)  (Bugguide)

Differs from other Hemaris species by having black legs, a mostly black underside, and a smooth bottom edge of the clear area on the forewings.





I found 3 Hemaris diffinis caterpillars in 2 days in August of 2014.  Two on non-native Honeysuckle, and one on Tinker’s Weed (Triosteum perfoliatum).

8/26/14 on Lonicera tartarica

Hemaris diffinis caterpillar 8-26-14 1


8/27/14 on Triosteum perfoliatum

Hemaris diffinis 8-27-14 1 on Triosteum


9/25/2014  Dark form caterpillar on non-native Honeysuckle



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