Hidden Oaks Savanna – 2017

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This year was a big Queen Anne’s Lace year, so I pulled all the Queen Anne’s Lace from Hidden Oaks Meadow.  We also did a big fall project to get rid of the thicket of old apple trees and Prickly Ash and dead sumac that divided the meadow from the path.

8/10/2017  This is Hidden Oaks Meadow before I pulled any of the Queen Anne’s Lace.


8/10/2017  One section of Queen Anne’s Lace is gone.






11/6/2017  The path in to Hidden Oaks Point – before we started clearing.  Hidden Oaks Meadow is on the right, beyond the thicket.


11/6/2017  Another view of the thicket hiding Hidden Oaks Meadow


11/6/2017  Just after we started work, looking north at the thicket, with the meadow on the left


11/7/2017  Looking down the path into Hidden Oaks Point – the thicket is starting to disappear.








11/9/2017  Not much of the thicket left


11/9/2017  The trees with pink tape on them are Wild Plum.  I think this was originally a plum thicket, but it got overgrown with other things.  We left the plums, hoping they’ll recover now that they have more room and more light.




11/11/2017  The thicket is gone – and the snow arrived.


12/15/2017  Our friend Todd is coming to cut more trees for us, so I marked the ones I want cut with green tape.


12/15/2017  More marked trees – green means ‘cut’, pink means ‘don’t cut’.  I marked a few special trees with pink tape to be sure they were protected.




12/18/2017  After Todd had done a lot of cutting


12/20/2017  And after we cleaned up a lot of the slash.  It’s much more open now.


12/22/2017  More slash cleanup




12/27/2017  A friend called this big old Burr Oak a ‘grandmother tree’, with all her babies around her.