Hidden Oaks Savanna – 2011

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Hidden Oaks Savanna page.]

This is the year we decided to tackle the dead, fallen aspens, and the jungle that had grown up around them.

4/18/2011  After some cutting and hauling, this is what the jungle looked like.


4/18/2011  Looking back into Hidden Oaks Meadow


4/18/2011  Looking the other way – toward the point


4/18/2011  The lower edge of the meadow.  The birches are hiding some big old Burr Oaks.


5/6/2011  Looking along our new path to the point


5/6/2011  Looking back into the meadow


5/6/2011 When he mows, Mike always tries to push the open area a bit farther back into the trees.  Someday we’ll cut all these trees – they’re mostly apple, aspen and birch.




5/6/2011 The jungle is looking better, but there’s still more clearing to do.


5/6/2011  Hidden Oaks Meadow