Maple Ridge – 2016

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The most dramatic things that happened on Maple Ridge this year were the removal of the light  – the ‘yard light’ – and the trailer.  The folks who sold it to us finished their new cabin this year, so they moved out and got rid of the trailer – and more importantly – the light.  Now when we look across the valley from our house at night, we see only darkness.

1/10/2016  The light






5/17/2016   Jacob’s Ladder


5/17/2016  This is the prairie area on the south-facing side of the hill.  We did a little clearing work here last year, and it looks a bit more open  now.


5/17/2016  Blue-eyed Grass blooming in the prairie


5/17/2016  Hoary Puccoon in the prairie


5/17/2016  Pileated Woodpecker holes in a tree on the ridge


5/17/2016  Bent Trillium


5/17/2016  Mountain Honeysuckle buds


5/20/2016  Mountain Honeysuckle blooming


8/12/2016  The washed-out driveway after the flash flood


8/12/2016  More flood damage – on Highway 88


9/15/2016  Trailer moving day


9/15/2016  The trailer coming down the driveway


9/15/2016  Moving out


9/15/2016  Heading down the road to its new home


10/16/2016  Sugar Maples