Dame’s Rocket – Hesperis matronalis

Hesperis matronalis 6-3-10 1

Dame’s Rocket is a biennial in the Mustard family (Brassicaceae).  It’s native to Eurasia, and is planted in the U.S. as a garden flower.  It’s flowers range from bright pink to white.

Hesperis matronalis 6-3-10 2

Unfortunately, it naturalizes easily, and becomes invasive in natural areas.

The flowers of Dame’s rocket resemble Phlox, except that they have 4 petals, and Phlox has 5.

Hesperis matronalis 6-3-10 3


We have one small area where Dame’s Rocket grows – along the road, at the edge of the wetland.

I’ve been pulling all the flowering plants I can find, and each year there are fewer of them.  In 2020 I found no plants at all, so I’m hopeful that they’ve been eradicated.