Farm History – the Rutschow Family

Our farm was owned by the Rutschow family for many years.   Carl Rutschow farmed it in the early 1900s, then his son, Norman Rutschow and his wife farmed it until 1971, when it was sold to Ed Barnes.  Ed rented the fields for farming, and the woods for hunting.  We bought it from Ed in the spring of 2000.

Steve and Margaret Rutschow, and their brother Dave (Norman’s children), grew up here.  Steve and Margaret came by recently and we took them on a walk up on top of the bluffs, and around to some of the places they remembered from their childhood.

Here they are on one of our benches – in October 2015.

2015-10-18 Margaret Steve Rutschow 2


And here they are in about 1960, with trout they had caught in the creek. Steve Margaret trout from the creek July 1960


Dave, Steve and Margaret Rutschow visiting in October 2021



Steve brought an album of photos of his family and of the farm.   Here are a few of the photos that show the way the farm looked, and some of the people who lived here.  And their cousin Dale Rutschow shared some of the older photos of the family and the farm.

Carl Rutschow and his family – from about 1918.

Carl and Johanna (Laehn) Rutschow Backrow standing: Melvin Walter Palma (Mueller) Norman Elder Seated Johanna (Hannah was her nickname) Carl Andy Charles on Carls lap.


An early view of the farm – from the late 1920s or early 1930s.

Palma Rutschow Mueller collection


This is almost the same view from January 2015.

1-12-15 1


The barn and cows

Palma Rutschow Mueller collection



Palma Rutschow Mueller collection


Looking east, with Sumac Bluff on the left

Palma Rutschow Mueller collection


Looking north-west to the farm house

Palma Rutschow Mueller collection


Dave, Margaret, Steve and their parents, Gertrude Engelhardt Rutschow and Norman Rutschow in 1956

Rutschow Family 1956


Rutschow family in September 1966

Rutschow family Sept 1966


Johanna Laehn Rutschow at her 80th birthday party.  Johanna (Hannah) grew up in an older farmhouse, farther north on what is now our property, and married Carl Rutschow (a widower) who lived in the newer farmhouse near the road.   She was Steve, Margaret and Dale’s grandmother.

Grandmother - 80th birthday 10-20-1963


The farm – summer 1946

Farm and Sumac Bluff summer 1946


The farm and Sumac Bluff from the 1950s

photo from Steve Rutchow small


The barn

Crystal Fountain Farm


Farmhouse after a snowstorm  – March 1949

Snowstorm 3-31-1949 2


March 1949

Snowstorm 3-31-1949


The jeep and kids  April 1948

Jeep 4-1948


Off to the bus on Steve’s first day of school 1953

First day of school 1953


Cows and kids



‘Pet raccoons’ behind the house 1953

Raccoons 1953


Steve planting the pines August 1957

Planting pines August 1957


Here are the pines just after we bought the farm, in 2000.

White pines 2000


We logged the pines in 2002.  This shows the site of the old farmhouse, with Pine Point beyond, in April 2011.  There are a few pines still left on Pine Point, and a line of Red Pines above the old farmhouse.

Pine Point 4-4-11


Floods that washed out the driveway happened in those days too.   June 1950.

Flood 6-13-1950 2


Flood 6-13-1950


A big thunderstorm and the flood that followed washed out our bridge in 2010 – so it still happens.   This photo – looking down from Sumac Prairie – shows the creek flowing over our driveway that day.



Steve made a book for 4-H about wildlife on the farm.

Steve working on his 4-H project


He bought the book to show us.

4-H book 1


4-H book 2


4-H book 3


4-H book 4


Steve won a blue ribbon for his scrapbook.

Steve with his 4-H project


I found current photos that match two of the photos Steve brought.

This shows haying in East Center Valley in 1958.

Haying in East Center Valley July 1958


This is nearly the same view from June 2013, with prairie growing in the valley.

east center valley 6-27-13


And another similar view from August 2009 with Cup Plant blooming.

east center valley 8-16-09


This shows the cows at the bottom of our Dugway trail in 1950.


Here’s a similar view,with prairie flowers, from August 2018.