Marquette County Black Oak Savanna

We visited our friends Shelley and David in September 2015.  They have about 120 acres of gorgeous sand prairie and black oak savanna in south central Wisconsin.   Here are photos from our visit, including some photos that Mike took with his drone.

House with handmade (by Shelley & David) wooden shingles



Dash the dog

Dash the Dog 1


Shelley’s hideout

Shelleys workspace


Roofs – from Shelley’s hideout



Shed with green roof

green roof


Watching the first drone flight

drone flight 1


Prairie, pond, and bog from the drone



A walk in the prairie – a very dry sand prairie.  Some of the plants are ones we see on our dry bluff prairies, but others we don’t have at all.

prairie 1


prairie 6


prairie 4


Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose


Golden Aster

Heterotheca villosa


A very sandy spot with lichens

prairie 2


Oaks and lichens

prairie 3


savanna 9


Prairie in the foreground, savanna on the hill on the left, and bog beyond the trees

prairie and bog



savanna 1


savanna 2


savanna 8


Savanna with the lake in the background

savanna 7


Oak wilt habitat – but also good for Red-headed Woodpeckers.  Two pairs, which fledged 3 young in 2015.

savanna 6


Shelley, Mike and David

savanna 5


savanna 3


Shelley and Marcie

savanna 10


David and Mike

savanna 4


The bog from the deck of the lake house

bog from lake house


Deck of the lake house

lake house 1


Bog and pond

bog from lake house 2


Boardwalk into the bog

bog 2


The bog with savanna beyond

bog with savanna


Pitcher plants

bog 1


Baby pitcher plants

bog - baby pitcher plant


Sphagnum and bog cranberry

bog 4


More Pitcher plants

bog 3


Bog cranberry

bog cranberry


Bog Cotton

Eriophorum - Cotton Grass


Shelley and I put up lights and bait to attract moths.  These are most of the species we saw.

Common Idia

Idia aemula 9-23-15 1 shelley


Sunflower Borer – I think

Papaipema necopina T 9-23-15 1 Shelley


Sensitive Fern Borer

Papaipema inquaesita 9-23-15 1 shelley


Maple Spanworm

Ennomos magnaria 9-23-15 1 Shelley


Sloping Sallow

Epiglaea decliva 9-23-15 Shelley


We painted the bait on leaves – mostly oak leaves, and nearly every leaf had a Sloping Sallow sucking up the bait.

Epiglaea decliva 9-23-15 2 Shelley


Getting ready for one last drone flight



Savanna from the drone



Big kettles of Broad-winged Hawks were migrating overhead.  We had to watch to be sure there weren’t any nearby when we sent up the drone.

Hawks 2


Broad-winged Hawks

Hawks 1


Tesla in the prairie