Other Insects & Spiders

These are some of the other insects (besides butterflies and moths) and spiders that I’ve found at the farm. I can’t identify most of the ones I see, but I take photos in hopes that I can get better at identifying them and learn more about their lives.

I greatly appreciate all the help I’ve gotten from my entomologist friends – Margot Monson, MJ Hatfield, Eric Eaton, and Mike Reese, and also the helpful folks on Bugguide and several of the Facebook insect groups.   Someday I hope to know much more about insects and to be able to have a more complete inventory of the species that are here.

Spiders – Order Araneae  (Click on the photo to see the list and photos of the spiders.)

unknown 8-26-09 8


Dragonflies & Damselflies – Order Odonata

Twelve Spotted SkimmerLibellula pulchella

Canada DarnerAeshna canadensis

Common Green Darner – Anax junius

Cherry-faced MeadowhawkSympetrum internum

White-faced MeadowhawkSympetrum obtrusum

Midland Clubtail – Gomphus fraternus

Lyre-tipped SpreadwingLestes unguiculatus

Grasshoppers, Crickets, Katydids – Order Othoptera

Katydid – Family Tettigoniidae



True Bugs – Order Hemiptera


Ambush (or Assassin) Bug – Family Phymatidae

Leptocoris trivittatus – Box Elder Bugs

Lepyronia angulifera – Angular Spittlebug

Broad-headed BugProtenor sp.

Treehoppers – Family Membracidae

TreehopperTelamona spreta

PlanthopperOtiocerus wolfei

Two-striped Planthopper – Acanalonia bivittata

Small Milkweed BugLygaeus turcicus

Planthopper – Oliarus cinnamoneus
adult on bugguide

Wooly Alder Aphid – Paraprociphilus tessellatus
adult 6/2010
several adults 6/2010

Giant Water Bug – Lethocerus americanus
adult 5/6/2011


Beetles – Order Coleoptera

Anomoea laticlavia – Clay-colored Leaf Beetle

Blapstinus metallicus – Darkling Beetle

Blepharida rhois – Sumac Flea Beetle  MJ’s photos on BG

Chrysochus auratus – Dogbane Beetle

Cicindela formosa generosa – Big Sand Tiger Beetle

Cicindela scutellaris lecontei

Cicindela sexguttata – Six-spotted Tiger Beetle

Coccinella novemnotata – Nine-Spotted Lady Beetle

Coccinella septempunctataSeven Spotted Lady Beetle

Cycloneda munda – Polished Lady Beetle

Epicauta sp. – Blister Beetle

Euphoria inda – Bumble Flower Beetle

Exema – Warty Leaf Beetle

Hippodamia tredecimpunctata – Thirteen-spotted Lady Beetle

Nicophorus orbicollis – Sexton Beetle

Pachybrachis bivittatus – Sculptured Leaf Beetle

Trichiotinus piger – Flower Scarab
adult on bugguide 6/2010

Soldier Beetle – Family Cantharidae

Fireflies – Family Lampyridae

Lady BeetleHippodamia sp.


Ants, Bees and WaspsOrder Hymenoptera

Augochloropsis metallicaSweat Bee

Flies – Order Diptera


Tipula disjuncta – Crane Fly

Scorpionfly – Family Panorpidae

Stinking Fly – Coenomyia ferruginea

Syrphid FlyToxomerus marginatus