Catocala blandula – Charming Underwing

Hodges # 8867

Caterpillar foods: serviceberry, hawthorn, apple  (Oehlke)

Catocala mira, Catocala blandula and Catocala crataegi are very similar in appearance, and difficult to tell apart from photographs.  I’ve never seen a moth that I think is crataegi here, but I think we have both mira and blandula.  I’ve studied the information on Bugguide and MPG, and on Bill Oehlke’s Catocalas of Wisconsin site, and come up with a list of differences between these species.

C. blandula has a dark brown basal area, as opposed to mira (pale), and crataegi (black)
C. blandula has AM and PM lines that touch at the inner margin (they don’t touch in mira)
C. blandula has a deep orange hindwing with an unbroken outer black band (band in crataegi is broken near anal angle)
C. blandula has dark contrasting lines similar to crataegi (mira doesn’t have dark, contrasting lines)
C. blandula PM line “falls back basally near the costa and where it meets the costa, it gives the appearance of a semi-circle above the reniform spot”  (Jason D. Roberts)
C. blandula has less contrast of pale median area with darker basal area and inner margin than crataegi
C. blandula has more brown in ST area than crataegi, less than mira

These are the moths I’ve seen that I think are C. blandula.


Catocala blandula T 7-26-14 1



Catocala blandula 7-12-14 9