Agonopterix clemensella – Clemens’ Agonopterix

Family Depressariidae   Hodges # 0862

Family Depressariidae    Caterpillar food: Umbelliferae except Conium (Journal of the Lepidopterists’ Society)

I’m fairly sure this is the right ID for this moth.  I consulted Bugguide, MPG, and Seabrooke Leckie’s blog.  It has no common name, so I’m using ‘Clemens’ Agonopterix’ as an adaptation of the latin name – following Seabrooke’s example.





6/17/2020  This caterpillar dropped from a Golden Alexanders leaf (Zizia aurea) and hung by a silk thread.


6/17/2020  I put it into a jar with some Golden Alexanders leaves and it made this silk nest along the midrib of a leaf.




6/29/2020  Pupa


7/9/2020  Adult emerged and was released