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Journal February 28, 2005

We finally finished the floor – we put up the trim, cleaned up, and arranged the furniture. It looks beautiful! It’s a great space for Mike to work and play music, it’s an extra guest room, and it’s still a good place for drying seeds or doing other projects that need a lot of space. Continue reading

Journal February 16, 2005

We spent another few days working hard on the upstairs floor – it’s almost finished. Another 2 or 3 days of nailing, and then a couple days putting up molding and cleaning and organizing the space and it will be done. It’s good to be finishing up with indoor projects just as the weather is starting to look like spring. Continue reading

Journal February 7, 2005

This week we had a visit from our friends Ellen and Ann who just bought a house in Alma. It’s fun to have friends who are close enough to come for dinner! It was too late to walk, so they’ll come back sometime when we can do an outside tour. We had a nice dinner and conversation. Continue reading