Sumac Prairie

This is our steepest prairie and largest remnant.  It’s our eastern bluff, and faces south.   It includes two dry open prairie areas, surrounded by overgrown savanna remnants, with numerous large, open grown oaks.    We’re working on removing invading shrubs from the prairie, and clearing out brush and smaller trees from the savanna. Here’s an … Continue reading “Sumac Prairie”

Farm Bird Lists – 2016

Sharp-shinned Hawk 2/9/2016 12-25 to 12-31-2016 American Crow American Goldfinch Bald Eagle Black-capped Chickadee Blue Jay Dark-eyed Junco Downy Woodpecker Hairy Woodpecker Mourning Dove Northern Cardinal Northern Shrike Purple Finch Red-bellied Woodpecker Red-tailed Hawk Sharp-shinned Hawk White-breasted Nuthatch 12/27 Northern Shrike caught a Junco outside my window 12/29 Sharp-shinned Hawk outside my window   12-18 … Continue reading “Farm Bird Lists – 2016”