Journal for February 7, 2013 – Farm History

I’ve been working on some of the historical information we have about the farm – trying to organize it and get it up on the web site.  I’ve got all the historical documents and maps that we have up on web pages.  (Here are links to all those documents, if you’re interested in the details:  Old Survey Maps    Surveyors’ Notes    Original Homestead Land Grant documents  Aerial Photos) Continue reading “Journal for February 7, 2013 – Farm History”

Journal for January 12, 2013

I’ve been scanning old photos of the farm – ones that we took in 2000 and 2001 with our old, pre-digital camera.  We got our first digital camera in early 2002, and all of a sudden our record keeping got much better.  Before that, there were fewer photos and not very good ones.  But we do have records of what many of the places looked like before we started any restoration work.  I’ve been having fun going through those early photos and trying to find matching views that we took later, so we can compare, and marvel over the changes. Continue reading “Journal for January 12, 2013”