Sumac Prairie 2004

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Sumac Prairie page.]

I’ve got a better camera now, and I’m starting to take more photos.

10/9/2004  Sumac Prairie with the wetland below

Sumac Point – Sumac Corner Prairie on the left, Sumac Prairie on the right

10/11/2004    Sumac Prairie hillside

The big sandy area on the east side of the prairie – it has stunted oak trees, some of the earliest blooming flowers, and usually an animal den dug in the sand.

Central part of the prairie hillside – with sumac, birches, and black cherry trees.

Sumac and Wild Cherry

10/11/2004   This is the overgrown savanna area above the prairie.

10/11/2004    The birch and aspen woods on the steep hillside below Sumac Corner Prairie

10/11/2004  Rocks in the aspen woods

11/28/2004    Sumac Point with hoarfrost