Sumac Prairie 2001/2002/2003

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Sumac Prairie page.]

We didn’t do much on Sumac Prairie for several years.  We tried cutting some of the sumac, but we didn’t use any herbicide, and it came back stronger than ever.  We mowed a path across the top, in the woods just above the prairie, so we could get to Sumac Corner Prairie – the little south-west facing remnant on the corner of the bluff.  That woods is a savanna remnant – it has lots of big old Burr Oaks.  Someday we’ll clear out the brush and trees between them.

Here are a few photos from those years.

6/17/2002 – This shows part of Sumac Prairie, and the overgrown eastern edge, continuing on into our neighbor’s land.  The white speck on top is one of Mike’s benches, so we can sit and look at the view.

7/11/2002 – view of the prairie from the wetland

3/16/2003 view of the wetland from the prairie

9/5/2003 – One of our clipping adventures – before we started

9/5/2003 – after clipping

9/5/2003 Mike hauling cut sumac to the top of the hill

9/6/2003 – views of the clipped area from below