Hyalophora cecropia – Cecropia

Family Saturniidae    Hodges # 7767

Caterpillar foods: alder, apple, ash, birch, box-elder, cherry, dogwood, elm, gooseberry, elderberry, maple, plum, poplar, white oak, willow, lilac, sweet gum  (Bugguide)

The colored knobs on the caterpillar contain bad smelling liquid,  probably for defense.  (Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society 1884)

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Most of the times I’ve seen Cecropias here have been when I’ve had a reared female and it called in males.  Either we don’t have many of them, or they don’t come to lights.  I’ve found a few cocoons, but they’ve always been either old and no longer occupied, or dead.

9/13/2023  This is the one caterpillar I’ve found here – on a Box Elder ‘bush’.  I brought it home and a few days later it made its cocoon.


6/15/2006  Reared female

hyalophora cecropia 6-15-06 1


6/19/2005  Mated pair – reared female, wild male

hyalophora cecropia 6-19-05 1


6/25/2005  eggs

hyalophora cecropia eggs 6-25-05 1


6/29/2005   first instar caterpillars

hyalophora cecropia 1st instar cat 6-29-05 1


7/11/2005  Second instar caterpillars

hyalophora cecropia 2nd instar cat 7-11-05 1


7/18/2006  Third instar caterpillar

hyalophora cecropia 3rd instar 7-18-06 1


8/17/2005  fifth instar caterpillar

hyalophora cecropia 5th instar cat 8-17-05 1


10/19/2008  wild cocoon

hyalophora cecropia cocoon 10-19-08 1


Two reared adults

6/14/2005  Female


6/16/2005  Male