Endothenia hebesana

Caterpillar foods: developing seeds of various plants including Antirrhinum, Gentiana, Gerardia, Iris, Penstemon, Physostegia, Solidago, Stachys, Teucrium, Verbascum, Verbena, Veronica, Scrophularia, Scutellaria (U of Alberta), Pedicularis canadensis (Marcie O’Connor)

Several of these tiny moths had hatched in a container of Wood Betony seeds that I had collected behind the house.


There was one larva, which I think is the larva of this moth, but I’m not absolutely sure since I didn’t watch to see what it turned into. It does look like the larvae that MJ saw when she reared this moth, although hers were reddish instead of green.


I also see adults at my lights.




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