Nematocampa resistaria – Horned Spanworm

Hodges # 7010

Caterpillar foods: many shrubs and trees including pine, hemlock, fir, larch and spruce (Bugguide), apple, birch, maple, oak, and strawberry (Beadle & Leckie), linden, hickory, pear, Ribes (Covell);  Canada Goldenrod (personal observation)

Females have whitish ground color; males are more yellowish.  (Bugguide)

6/24/2016  Male



6/26/2013  male

Nematocampa resistaria 6-26-13 1


7/6/2013  female

Nematocampa resistaria 7-6-13 1


6/26/2013  male

Nematocampa resistaria 6-26-13 2


6/23/2012   female

Nematocampa resistaria 6-23-12 1


6/16/2020  Caterpillar found on Canada Goldenrod in the wetland


6/20/2020  Pupa


6/23/2020  The caterpillar had cut out a piece of the netting that covered its jar to wrap around its pupa.


7/1/2020  Adult female emerged – shown with spent pupa


7/1/2020  The adult was released