Lintneria eremitus – Hermit Sphinx

Family Sphingidae   Hodges # 7796

Caterpillar food: mint family: Monarda, Mentha, Salvia   (Bugguide)

9/12/2010  I found this caterpillar crawling across the driveway.


9/17/2010  the completed pupa


6/22/2011  I kept the pupa in the refrigerator until the end of March, when the weather started to get warmer.  Then I kept it outside until the adult emerged.  I think the reddish stripe on its head must be a piece of its pupa.  I didn’t realize it was there until I looked at the photos – I hope it didn’t cause a problem.


More adults that came to lights







Lintneria eremitus 7-22-13 1




7/26/2017  caterpillar found eating Monarda




8/11/2017  dramatic change to next instar


8/25/2017  getting very large – I think close to pupating

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