Indian Grass Point 2010

The big new find this year was a Yellow Lady’s Slipper in the savanna area on top of the point.  It didn’t bloom – there were two stalks and one had been eaten off – that one may have had a flower.  But by the time I found it, there was just one stalk of leaves left.  I protected it with a wire cage in hopes that it will get strong enough to bloom next year.

Yellow Lady’s Slipper

(Now I know of 4 orchids that grow on Indian Grass Point: Yellow Lady’s Slipper, Purple Twayblade, Autumn Coralroot, and Great Plains Ladies Tresses.)

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This is the point in January, looking from the Frog Pond.  It’s getting more and more open.

The southwest slope, with girdled birches and not much brush.

Another view of the same slope – this picture gives a better idea of how steep it it.

Another view of the whole hillside from the Frog Pond.

Looking up at the point – mostly cleared of brush, and the birches are starting to fall down.

The southwest slope had lots of flowers this year – Sand Cress, Wild Columbine, Pussytoes, Plantain Pussytoes, Balsam Ragwort, Hoary Puccoon, Wild Strawberry.

This is the cleared part of the eastern slope, with Balsam Ragwort

The east facing prairie area on top, in June, with Harebells.

Prairie Coreopsis on the point

September – the path from Buffalo Ridge Prairie out to Indian Grass Point

September – the savanna area on top, looking toward the west opening

October – the savanna area before we mowed it

Mike mowing the savanna

After mowing – looking south toward the point

Savanna area after mowing – looking west into the west opening

After mowing – looking north from the point into the savanna