Indian Grass Point 2009

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Indian Grass Point page.]

1/8/2009  I’ve been trying to see if we can see the cleared areas from a distance.    This view is from the Frog Pond.  The area I’ve been clearing, on the southwest slope, is looking a little more open.


1/8/2009   This is the point seen from Pat’s Prairie – looking north at the prairie point.  The whole hillside should be savanna with prairie at the top – I’ve got a long way to go before it will look like that!


2/9/2009  The prairie, with the one Hill’s Oak at the north end.


2/15/2009   The southwest slope – pretty open in the middle, but there’s still a thicket of prickly ash on the right, and prickly ash and dogwood on the left.


2/16/2009   This is what the thickets look like before they’re cleared – with prairie plants growing under the brush.


2/16/2009   And this is after clearing.  This is part of the western slope – steeper than it looks.


2/17/2009   A larger view of the same slope – mostly cleared in the foreground.


4/7/2009   I’ve also started working on the eastern slope.  It’s very brushy, with prickly ash, raspberries, and small birches.  But there are a few big old oaks, and lots of prairie species growing under the brush.  This photo shows a little of the cleared area, looking back to an old oak in the midst of a thicket of brush that needs to be cleared.


5/2/2009   The south-west slope


7/18/2009   Prairie Coreopsis on the point


8/15/2009  White Goldenrod


10/4/2009   View from the point


10/25/2009   The east facing slope – still lots of prickly ash, but I’ve girdled some of the birches, and prairie plants are showing up under the brush.


11/4/2009    the savanna area on top


11/10/2009   Prairie grasses on the south-west slope




11/15/2009   More of the savanna area


11/18/2009   The east facing slope – much more open now.


11/18/2009   Another view of the east-facing slope, going up to the point on the left.


12/1/2009    The south-west slope is getting a lot more open.