Pine Point Prairie 2000

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A few pre-digital camera photos

This is from early spring of 2000, looking down the hill from under the edge of the pines and south-east across the wetland.  The field had been planted in corn in 1999.


From the same place, looking south-west


Summer of 2000 – a view of the interior of the pine woods.  It was beautiful in the woods – smelling like pine needles, and with a few scattered plants in the ground layer.  The plants I remember were poison ivy and Lily-leafed Twayblade (Liparis lilifolia) – a native orchid.  But it was a plantation – straight rows of evenly spaced trees.  It didn’t fit well with our plan to try to restore the land back to the way it was before it was farmed.


This was taken in the summer of 2000, when the field was planted in soybeans.  It’s looking north, with Pine Point field at the bottom, the pines in the middle of the hill, and Big View Prairie at the top.  Part of the wetland is in the foreground.


Another view from the wetland, looking north-west, in the fall of 2000.