Wetland – 2022

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I did the usual Wild Parsnip control here this year – pulling most of it except at the far eastern end where Mike mowed.  Every year it’s a little better.  I changed my strategy in No Bridge Meadow.  The western edge of it had very thick parsnip this  year, so instead of trying to haul all of it across the creek, I made piles of pulled stalks, so at least the new seedlings will be concentrated in small areas.  If I don’t want to pull them all, I can spray them.

Mike mowed around the old barn and the field below the old farmhouse although it doesn’t look like the prairie seeds I planted in that field are coming up – probably too much competition from weeds.  I’m thinking I may have it sprayed in the fall.





6/5/2022 Golden Alexanders south of the creek, near Hwy 88


6/15/2022  Canada Anemone growing with sedges, goldenrod and Reed Canary Grass along Hwy 88






6/15/2022  Dot-tailed Whiteface – dragonfly


6/18/2022  Beavers make trails through the willows where they cut and drag their sticks to the creek.


7/1/2022  There are still plenty of places where there’s Wild Parsnip to pull.


7/8/2022 Hedge Bindweed


7/8/2022  Snowy Campion grows along the creek


7/8/2022  Mike’s parsnip mowing east of the old barn


7/16/2022  Sedge meadow below Pine Point


7/17/2022  Crown Vetch Meadow – south of the creek, west of the driveway.  I’ve planted prairie here, but not much is coming up – probably too much competition from weeds.  This may be another spraying opportunity.


7/17/2022  Michigan Lilies


8/1/2022  Joe Pye Weed west of the driveway






8/24/2022  Joe Pye Weed, Tall Sunflower and Swamp Thistle


8/24/2022  Tall Sunflower and Goldenrod


8/27/2022  This is the triangle between the two driveways – the old one, and our new one.


8/27/2022  Beaver pond just below our driveway culvert – so far it hasn’t caused any problems and we’re hopeful we can leave the dam here.  The brown grass along the creek is dead Reed Canary Grass – I cut and treated it with glyphosate.




8/27/2022  Looking east from the old driveway


8/27/2022  West of the new driveway with Pine Point




9/3/2022  Showing the creek and Mike’s mowing for parsnip in the eastern part of the wetland


9/6/2022  Monarch on Joe Pye Weed


9/6/2022  Tall Sunflower and Joe Pye Weed


9/6/2022 Swamp Thistle




9/6/2022  Tall Sunflower, Goldenrod and Joe Pye Weed