Papaipema baptisiae – Indigo Stem Borer

Family Noctuidae   Hodges # 9485

Caterpillar foods:  Wild Indigo (Baptisia), dogbane (Apocynum), Rugel’s Indian Plantain, Angelica atropurpurea  (Bugguide)

6/27/2022  Found many White Wild Indigo (Batisia lactea) plants with wilted flower stalks.




6/28/2022  Larva inside stem


7/12/2022  Moved larva to a carrot where it settled in.  The carrot deteriorated, but the larva seemed healthy.  I offered a fresh carrot, but it stayed in the original one.


7/12/2022  Checked on larva – still healthy.


9/7/2022  Adult emerged and was released


9/7/2022  Spent pupa inside carrot

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