Volvo Meadow – 2019

[To see photos and stories about this prairie from other years, go to the main Volvo Meadow page.]

5/31/2019  The eastern edge of the road has a nice collection of native flowers – Indian Paintbrush, and Asters later in the season.


7/28/2019  Lots of Field Thistle this year.  Also, I planted the path with native grasses – no forbs.  That was a mistake.  We moved the path a bit, and now the edges are grassy and weedy.  The paths sometimes change from one season to the next, so I need to always plant my normal mix everywhere, even if we think some of it will be a path.


7/18/2019  Looking down the path with Buffalo Ridge Prairie on the left.




8/8/2019   Queen Anne’s Lace along the path – where I should have planted forbs.


8/19/2019  Blossoms on the Field Thistles attracted lots of butterflies – this is a Tiger Swallowtail.


8/19/2019  Giant Swallowtail on Field Thistle


8/10/2019  View across Volvo Meadow to Buffalo Ridge Prairie