3 Finger Valley – 2020

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main 3 Finger Valley page.]

3/26/2020  View of the north end of the third (farthest east) finger from the top of Hidden Oaks Point


4/30/2020  View south from the top of the middle finger


6/19/2020  The grassy area around these trees used to be full of Canada Thistle.  I sprayed it, but now it’s all non-native cool season grasses.


6/28/2020  We mowed the grasses, and I broadcast prairie seeds here.


6/19/2020  The lowest part of this slope is the steep edge of the driveway.  Above that is a prairie area we planted in 2017/2018.  Above that is the east-facing slope of Indian Grass Point that we cleared of brush and small trees in the fall of 2016.


7/20/2020  Planted prairie


7/20/2020  Planted prairie just north of the garage


9/13/2020  View of the north end of the third finger below Hidden Oaks Point