Wetland – 2020

[To see stories and photos from other years, see the links on the main Wetland page.]

We named some of the distinct areas of the wetland this year – it makes it easier to talk about them, and keep track of what projects we’ve done in which places.  Eventually I’ll post a map on the main Wetland page showing the names and locations.

I pulled Wild Parsnip from about (I think) 2/3 of the wetland this year.  The easternmost 1/3 still has Wild Parsnip that I hope to get to soon.  The western half – west of the driveway – is in pretty good shape – I spend about a week pulling Parsnip there.  Bluebird Meadow and No Bridge Meadow are also in pretty good shape.  Farmhouse Meadow still has a lot.  The worst area is east of Farmhouse Meadow.



1/1/2020  Willow Bend




2/6/2020  Old Road – the old farm driveway


2/22/2020  Willows with hoarfrost


















7/6/2020  A new plant for the wetland list:  Broad-leaved Arrowhead, in one of the side streams that run into the creek from a spring.


7/8/2020  Bluebird Meadow


7/15/2020  Round-leaved Monkeyflower in side stream


7/15/2020  Joe Pye Weed and sedges in a side stream


7/15/2020  There’s a spring somewhere under those bushes, and this is the stream that makes its way from there to the creek.


7/15/2020  Turk’s Cap Lily


7/15/2020  Water Hemlock, Common Milkweed, and Swamp Milkweed in Bluebird Meadow


7/15/2020  Common Milkweed in No Bridge Meadow


7/15/2020  Sedge Meadow in No Bridge Meadow


7/15/2020  Water Hemlock, sedges, and Common Milkweed in No Bridge Meadow


8/21/2020  Ironweed, Boneset, Canada Goldenrod and Joe Pye Weed in Bluebird Meadow


8/21/2020  Tall Sunflowers in Parsnip Meadow




9/5/2020  Tall Sunflowers, Joe Pye Weed and Canada Goldenrod in Parsnip Meadow


9/14/2020  Farmhouse Meadow showing mowing that we did to discourage Reed Canary Grass.  I planted wetland seeds there in the winter of 2018/2019.


9/14/2020  Weedy path to the old barn


9/14/2020  Farmhouse Meadow, showing Reed Canary Grass area and mowed area beyond.  It’s not possible to mow here because there are numerous old cement foundations hidden in the grass.  I pull Wild Parsnip here, but otherwise leave it alone.