Twisted Oak Savanna – 2020

[To see photos and stories of the savanna in other years, see the links on the main Twisted Oak Savanna page.]

This year the snow disappeared very early, so we were able to mow in early April.

I also started clearing a buckthorn thicket that runs along the western edge of the savanna.  I got one strip cleared but there’s more to do – the buckthorn continues almost all the way down the hill.











7/22/2020  This is Ragwort opening.  It’s getting more sun now that we’ve opened up the savanna on 3 sides.




9/1/2020  There was lots of Field Thistle and Tall Thistle this year.  The butterflies loved it, but I think next year I’ll remove some so other plants have a chance.






10/9/2020  Ragwort Opening




10/9/2020  This is the top of Ragwort Opening, along the path.  It’s still quite weedy – it was a thicket of brush a few years ago before we cleared here.  For the past few years it’s had a circle of Field Thistle that attracts migrating Monarchs.


10/9/2020  Red Maple at the edge of the savanna




12/7/2020  This is a thicket of mostly buckthorn along the lower edge of the savanna, extending down the west slope nearly to the bottom of the hill.  I started cutting and treating it in a strip along the edge of the savanna, working my way down the hill.


12/22/2020  Finished clearing buckthorn for the season – I cut a strip all the way to the prairie opening at the edge of the point.


12/22/2020  Looking north, along the lower edge of the savanna.  I did some buckthorn clearing here too, but there wasn’t as much.