Hidden Oaks Point – 2020

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Hidden Oaks Point page.]

I did two small projects here this year.

I cut and treated invasives and small brush in a strip just below the dry prairie on the east facing hill, leading down into the point that we had cleared a few years ago.  The larger trees and brush on the point are gone, but smaller brush and weeds are coming back.  By starting clearing at the top, I’m hoping the dry prairie plants will spread downhill.

In late summer I cut and treated all the sumac in the open part of the dry prairie.

I also planted a few plugs of Wood Lily, that a friend grew from local seeds, along the west facing slope of the point.





4/30/2020  This south-east facing slope needs work.  It has woody brush (brambles, honeysuckle, prickly ash) coming up, and along the edges.


5/7/2020  More of that same hillside – with Hoary Puccoon




5/19/2020  Higher on the hillside: Hoary Puccoon, Bird’s Foot Violet, Blue-eyed Grass


5/22/2020  Hoary Puccoon


5/29/2020  I planted some plugs of Wood Lily (locally sourced seeds grown by a friend) on the west-facing slope.  Several of them bloomed.


5/29/2020  Wood Lily


6/1/2020  West-facing slope with sumac


6/1/2020  Top of east-facing hill




7/16/2020  Flat top of prairie – Leadplant, sumac, monarda, field thistle




8/5/2020  Looking down into the weedy part of the south-east facing slope


8/5/2020  Looking closer at the weeds.  This top strip is where I cut and treated weeds and brush.  In the coming years I hope to keep clearing horizontal strips, working my way down the hill.  It helps to work from the top ‘good’ part of the prairie, downhill to the ‘less good’ places.  The dry prairie plants should work their way down into the cleared areas.


9/4/2020  Clearing sumac from the main open part of the prairie.  I cut and treated each sumac stem.


9/5/2020  This was a thicket of hazel at the top edge of the prairie.  It was thick that nothing else grew there, and it was spreading.  I cut and treated it too.


9/5/2020  An unknown orchid that was hiding in the hazel thicket


9/12/2020   After cutting sumac on the east facing slope


9/15/2020  Same place, looking south along the east facing slope


9/16/2020  After cutting and treating the hazel thicket




9/24/2020  West facing slope after clearing sumac






11/21/2020  Hidden Oaks Point through the trees – from the cabin road


11/27/2020  Lone Burr Oak on the point