Hidden Oaks Point 2005

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Hidden Oaks Point page.]

2/14/2005  Lower part of the point

2-14-05 1


2/14/2005  Looking out over the lower point into 3 Finger Valley

2-14-05 2


4/4/2005  More mowing at the bottom of the point

4-4-05 1


4/9/2005  Mowing Hidden Oaks Meadow

4-9-05 1


4/9/2005  Hidden Oaks Meadow after mowing

4-9-05 2


4/17/2005  Mike burning our brush pile from the savanna clearing project from last fall

4-17-05 1


4/17/2005  The birch/aspen woods between the newly opened savanna and the meadow

4-17-05 2


5/9/2005  I girdled all the aspens

5-9-05 1


I found this Gray Tree Frog one day when I was girdling aspens.  It watched me, but didn’t want its picture taken.  Every time I would point the camera its way, it would slide around the branch.  It took a while to trick it into being in the right place to snap the photo.


5/29/2005   The west-facing slope of the prairie in May.  There’s lots of prairie, but also lots of brush – sumac, prickly ash, and white birch.  Hoary Puccoon and Blue-eyed Grass blooming under the sumac.

5-29-05 1


5/30/2005  This is our path along the aspen woods, out to the point.

5-30-05 1


8/24/2005  Hidden Oaks Meadow – Rough Blazing Star, Stiff and Canada Goldenrod


8-24-05 2


10/15/2005  The west-facing hillside

10-15-05 1


12/3/2005  Now it’s easier to see up the point – at least when there are no leaves on the trees.

12-3-05 1



12-3-05 2


12/3/2005  Path along the aspen woods to the point

12-3-05 3