Pine Point Prairie – 2019

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Pine Point Prairie page.]

1/3/2019   ‘Ku-le Region Forestry worked on cutting our brushy woods again this year.




1/6/2019  This is the first section they did.


1/10/2019   Pine Point at sunset


1/11/2019  A close-up view of the clearing




3/8/2019  I planted prairie seeds in the newly cleared area, on top of the snow.


3/25/2019  They came back and worked for several more days, and got one more section cut.  This is what the brushy woods looked like before they started.


3/25/2019  This is after they finished cutting.


3/26/2019  Finished cutting for this year.






9/4/2019  Looking up from the wetland.  The brown streak is our mowed path up the hill.  We only mowed it once this year, so by this time it was quite overgrown with mostly Little Bluestem grass.