Indian Grass Point – 2019

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Indian Grass Point page.]

We did a lot of work on this point, and Twisted Oak Savanna – the savanna area just to the north – this year.  It’s close to the house, so it makes it easy to do small projects.  And we see it every day when we take our afternoon walk.

1/5/2019  This is the east-facing slope of the point.  I cleared the brush several years ago but it’s become overgrown with raspberries and sumac.  Whenever the snow had melted enough to get to it, I walked up and cut and treated woody stems.


2/8/2019  The lower part of the east-facing slope.


3/18/2019  This was taken from the top of East Center Valley Prairie.  I don’t walk here very often, so it’s not a view I normally see.


3/25/2019  This is the path up the south side of the point.  At this time of year the fallen trees and logs from our clearing work really stand out.  Once the plants start growing, they’re more hidden.


3/28/2019   The south-facing point, just above the trees.  This is another area I’m trying to clear of raspberries and small brush.


4/8/2019  The same area, a little farther around the point to the west.  I’d like to get all this brush cleared someday, all the way to the top of the point.


4/8/2019  More of the south end of the point.  I girdled the birches many years ago, and a few are still standing.


4/19/2019  The top of the point – the main part of the remnant dry prairie.


4/19/2019  View down Center Valley from the top of the point.




5/20/2019  This was the first time I’d found Violet Wood Sorrel along the path up the front of the point.


5/28/2019   Yellow Lady’s Slipper


5/28/2019  This is the west-facing slope of the point with falling birches.


5/30/2019   Bastard Toadflax


5/30/2019   Fringed Puccoon


5/30/2019  A friend gave me some seedlings of Wood Lily.  I’m hoping that planting them on a very steep slope will protect them from deer.    As of the end of the growing season, they’d all survived.


5/30/2019  Yellow Star-grass along the path up the front of the hill.


5/30/2019  Wild Geranium and Wood Betony in the cleared area on the way up the south-facing slope.  Beyond the open area is the thick brushy woods that we still need to work on.


5/30/2019  Wood Betony, Wild Geranium and Interrupted Fern along the path up the hill.


5/30/2019  The west-facing slope has lots of Hoary Puccoon.


7/2/2019  Hill’s Thistle – from a seedling in the top part of the dry prairie.  This is its second year here, and the first time it’s bloomed.


7/2/2019  Hill’s Thistle


8/1/2019  Field Milkwort along the path up the hill


8/23/2019  The east-facing slope.




8/25/2019   Looking north into Twisted Oak Savanna.  I did some clearing of sumac and other small brush here, and later in the winter we cleared out the brush and small trees from the edge of the savanna, so it’s much more open now.




9/1/2019   This is looking down the east-facing slope through our cleared savanna.  The white flowers under the trees are White Snakeroot (Ageratina altissima).


11/22/2019  Little Bluestem on the south-facing point


11/22/2019  South-facing point