Platanthera psycodes – Lesser Purple Fringed Orchid

I found several of these orchids growing in a wet spot in a neighbor’s corn field.  The ground is so wet that the farmer can’t plow there, so it has remained a small triangular area with native sedges, Joe Pye Weed, Blue Lobelia, non-native weeds, and this orchid.

7/26/2009 growing in the wet part of the corn field


I collected seeds from them for a few years, and scattered them in our wetland, but at least so far, I haven’t seen any plants growing here.

Every year the weedy wet triangle in the corn field gets smaller, and it’s continually exposed to disturbance, pesticides and herbicides.  So in 2019 I asked our neighbors if I could dig up a few plants to try growing them here.  I found 8 plants blooming, and took 3 to plant in our wetland.

7/23/2019  I planted all 3 in a wet part of the wetland, among mostly native sedges.




5/25/2020  I found this one growing.


7/8/2020 It bloomed.










9/9/2022  Still only one plant blooming, but this year it set seed.