East Center Valley 2002

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main East Center Valley page.]

This year – the second year of the planting – we mowed once in mid-summer. There were still lots of weeds, and we were especially trying to control Queen Anne’s Lace. But the fields looked a bit more like prairies.


7-2-02 2



7-2-02 1


This is the wet area at the south end.

8-12-02 1 east center valley


Fringed Gentian blooming in the wet area.


I also found Grass-leaved Goldenrod


and Blue Lobelia


And Showy Tick-trefoil – in a drier area.


We still have some weed problems that we aren’t sure how to solve. There’s a large area of Curly Dock.   It’s the dark red-brown in the center of the photo.  And lots of Queen Anne’s Lace.


8-12-02 4 east center valley