Narrows Prairie – 2018

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Narrows Prairie page.]

We did our usual mowing for aspens here this year.  The aspens are continuing to get smaller every year, but they’re not going away, so we’ll just have to keep mowing.



1/18/2018  Mike plowed a trail up to the top so we could walk.  That worked for much of the winter, but eventually there got to be too much snow, and we had to wait until spring to walk our trails.




6/5/2018  There’s more White Wild Indigo in this prairie every year.


6/6/2018  Golden Alexanders and White Wild Indigo


6/12/2018  Also lots of Northern Bedstraw


6/14/2018  Northern Bedstraw and White Wild Indigo.  Finally the Blister Beetles (Lytta sayi) and the White Wild Indigo seem to have found a better balance.  For many years the beetles would eat every flower and seed.  Now they eat only some – usually less than half – so we still get to enjoy the flowers.




7/10/2018  There are lots of Culver’s Root in this prairie this year.


7/29/2018  And, as usual, lots of Oxeye.




8/8/2018  I like this view because I took the same view in 2000, the summer we bought the land, before we’d done any work up here.


Mike discovered that he can use an app on his phone to record where he goes when he’s mowing.  This is several days of mowing aspen – mostly in the Narrows Prairie, but the purple goes out into the Cat’s Paw Prairie.  Each color is a different day.




10/12/2018  Showing some of the mowed areas


10/29/2018  Indian Grass