Pine Point Prairie – 2018

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Pine Point Prairie page.]

This year we hired some folks to start cutting down the brush that’s grown up where we cut down the pines – just above the main planted prairie.  They got nearly half of that area cleared, and I planted prairie seeds there.

1/23/2018  This shows the strip of brush along the bottom of the woods.


2/11/2018  Another view of the brush – mostly Black Cherry, Buckthorn, and Honeysuckle.


2/11/2018  Showing the bottom of the Dugway Trail, and the eastern edge of the point.


2/16/2018  ‘Ku-le Region Forestry starting work on the brush.  They cut, and then burned it in piles.




3/16/2018 – Much less brush






4/2/2018  They burned about half the cleared area so they could see to cut the tall stumps.


4/4/2018  I planted prairie seeds in the cleared areas.




8/2/2018  This is the older planted prairie – below the cleared brush.




8/2/2018  Our lower path through the prairie has been getting wetter and wetter – I think there are springs or seeps developing in the hillside.  So we needed to make a higher – and hopefully drier – path.  This was our first attempt, but it turned out to be too high – too steep to drive on.  We made a somewhat lower path, which we hope will be dry enough.  This one is recovering from being mowed.


8/2/2018  The upper path, with the old lower path.  The new one turns off to the left a little farther up.