Pat’s Prairie – 2018

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main  Pat’s Prairie page.]

We did one small project here this year – some mid-summer mowing to see if we could discourage some of the Canada Goldenrod.





2/11/2018  ‘Kule Region Forestry was planning to work on Pine Point, so Mike made a trail for them through the prairie.




6/13/2018  White Wild Indigo blooming


8/2/2018  This is the north end of the prairie – from the path looking back toward the dam.


8/2/2018  We tried mowing this area last year just before the goldenrod bloomed, to see if it would discourage it.  There’s much more diversity of blooms this year, so we mowed a few of the surrounding areas to see if it would be as successful.








8/2/2018  The very overgrown Dugway Path


8/2/2018  Our old path – on the left – has been getting wetter and wetter, so Mike mowed a new path – on the right – which is slightly higher, and will hopefully be drier.


8/2/2018  The area mowed for goldenrod


8/12/2018  Looking from the dam, north into the newer part of the prairie.  The Frog Pond is down on the right.


8/12/2018  Looking south from the dam