Knife Edge Prairie 2008

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Knife Edge Prairie page.]

7/18/2008   This was a big year for Canada Tick-trefoil in the southern end of the prairie.


8/10/2008   Queen Anne’s Lace is back, although not as much as before I pulled it a few years ago.  But the aspen and dogwood sprouts are getting taller – I think we’ll have to start mowing again.

8-10-08 1


8/24/2008    Goldenrod and Rough Blazing Star


8/24/2008   Rough Blazing Star


I spent a few days clipping aspen shoots in July and August this year.  I’ve now girdled all the mature aspens surrounding the prairie, so I’m hoping that clipping the shoots will help kill the roots.

9/4/2008  Rough Blazing Star, Stiff and Showy Goldenrod

9-4-08 1


9/4/2008  It looks like the bear has been back.

9-4-08 2


9/12/2008  Gray Goldenrod on the point

9-12-08 1


10/11/2008  Path along the ridge

10-11-08 1


10/31/2008   Martha and Arlene helped me cut some brush on the Knife Edge Point this fall.  This is the area we worked on, before it was cut.


11/1/2008   And after cutting

I cut some more brush, on my own, below this on the hill.