Knife Edge Prairie 2006

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Knife Edge Prairie page.]

2/20/2006  Path along the ridge

2-20-06 1


2/20/2006   The Knife Edge Point

2-20-06 2

We didn’t mow the prairie area this year (to see what will happen) and the prairie flowers are continuing to come back.


5/21/2006   The entrance to the Knife Edge Prairie – looking south from the Cat’s Paw Prairie  I girdled the aspens along the left side of the path, so this area should start to get more open.


5/21/2006   The girdled aspens


5/21/2006   I also girdled some of the other mature aspens around the edge of the prairie – we’re still hoping to gradually enlarge the prairie area.


8/24/2006    Photographing the Blazing Star



10/27/2006   Path along the ridge



10-27-06 1


10/27/2006  Ridgetop path looking south toward our bench.  We’ve put one of our benches at the end of the Knife Edge Point – it’s a great place to look out over Center Valley.

10-27-06 2


11/10/2006   Marcie at the bench