Photos for Steve Betchkal

Two of the photos (I marked them) were taken by Mike;  I took all the others.

Buffalo Ridge Prairie — This is a 20 acre planted prairie – planted in the winter of 2004/2005 into what had been a cornfield.


Western Prairie — Our largest prairie area;  about 60 acres of a former corn/soybean field, planted over 3 years in the winters of 2005-2008.



Photo by Mike O’Connor     Western Prairie — Fall panorama


Big View Prairie — A view from one of our remnant bluff prairies, down the valley toward Praag, Wisconsin.


Giant Swallowtail – the largest butterfly we have in North America.  It doesn’t overwinter here, but flies up from the south most summers.  They are becoming more common in this part of Wisconsin as the weather warms.


Dainty Sulphur – a tiny butterfly (with a wingspan of less than an inch) that doesn’t overwinter in Wisconsin, but flies up from the south some summers


Katydid nymph on Leadplant


Butterflies puddling on our gravel driveway.  Most of these are Baltimore Checkerspots.  There are also two Silvery Checkerspots, and one Hackberry Butterfly.   Male butterflies gather in muddy spots or on gravel roads to collect salts that they use in mating.


Photo by Mike O’Connor — of Marcie photographing Rough Blazing Star in a small prairie remnant


Mike O’Connor clearing a downed tree from one of our trails


Harris’s Three-spot  – Harrisimemna trisignata



Scarlet winged lichen moth – Hypoprepia miniata    The caterpillars eat lichens


Virgin Tiger Moth – Apantesis virgo