Moth Party 2018

The moth party happened on July 21 this year.  It turned out to be a perfect day – sunny, not too hot, and the wind stopped in time for the moths to come out.

(Thanks to Sandy and Rolf for letting me use their photos.  Hover over the photos to see photo credits.)

We took a hike through the prairies.


Buffalo Ridge Prairie – in full bloom


The planted prairies have been spectacular this year – here’s a photo of Buffalo Ridge Prairie from last week – showing all the flowers.


Bench photos of the two hiking groups…(names are more or less from left to right)

Rolf, Cindy, Richard, CJ, Sandy, Ron, Carol, Peter


Dale, Emily, Jen, Kelly, Tom, Laurel, Rusty


Two people created moth dishes for the potluck.

Anne’s Luna watermellon


And Sandy’s sausage biscuit moths.


We turned on the lights at about 9.


Mike had his computer and screen set up so that he could project the photos that I was taking onto the screen.  It especially helped to see some of the patterns on the smaller moths.


Me – taking photos



Here are all the moths we saw – that I got photos of.  I did the best I could with the names.  Some moths don’t have common names, and others I couldn’t be sure of the species, so I gave them more general names.

Click on a photo to see a larger version, and look in the url of the photos to see the scientific names.