Hidden Oaks Savanna – 2004

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Hidden Oaks Savanna page.]

This is the year we started working on clearing under the oaks in the savanna.

8/2/2004  There’s one huge old Burr Oak, and grove of younger ones behind the bench – the start of the savanna.



9/6/2004  Looking in to the main part of the savanna from the bluff prairie, before we had done any work



9/18/2004   Hidden Oaks Meadow showing the big apple tree in the middle, and the edge of the aspen grove on the left.


10/9/2004   Our old path through the savanna, just where it ended at the bluff prairie.


10/9/2004  Another view of the savanna from the bluff prairie – before we started clearing


10/18/2004   This is the way most of that area looked before we’d done any clearing.


10/18/2004  Before clearing


10/18/2004  Before clearing – mostly Gray Dogwood


10/17/2004  Starting clearing work – we mowed and cut the brush under the trees.


10/18/2004    This is after some clearing, but there are still piles to remove.  We moved all the piles onto a giant pile farther back in the woods.


10/18/2004  Looking the other way – toward the point



10/18/2004  More mowing and more piles



10/18/2004  Mike at work, moving piles


10/18/2004 Finished clearing