Indian Grass Point – 2017

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Indian Grass Point page.]

The main project we did on the point this year was to do more clearing on the front, south facing, slope.

1/6/2017  The southeast facing hillside that we cleared of brush and small trees in 2016


2/11/2017  Looking down the bluff prairie into the southeast facing hillside.  The thicker trees on the left are where we didn’t do any clearing work.  On the right, where the trees are thinner, is where we did our clearing.






3/13/2017  This is the top of the path up the south facing hillside from the house.  These are mostly small red and black oaks.  Our plan is to eventually remove the small ones, leaving a much more open savanna.


4/15/2017  East facing slope below the prairie






5/9/2017  This is the part of the path up from the house that we’ve cleared.  Wood Betony, Blue-eyed Grass, Violets, Wild Geranium, Milkworts and Yellow Stargrass grow there.


5/9/2017   Birds Foot Violet


5/9/2017  West facing slope




5/18/2017  Path up the hill with Wood Betony and Wild Geranium


5/18/2017  Another part of the south facing hill


5/22/2017  Yellow Lady’s Slippers






7/8/2017  Harebell and Prairie Coreopsis




7/14/2017  Prairie Coreopsis, Whorled Milkweed, Monarda






10/16/2017  This is looking down into the small oaks at the top of the south facing slope.  The plants under them are Rubus species – various kinds of Raspberries and Blackberries.


10/16/2017  Looking up at the steep prairie point






12/3/2017  The south facing hillside – we’ve started working on it again.




12/10/2017  East facing hillside, at the top of the savanna and just below the dry prairie




12/27/2017  The top of the west facing slope with one of our weather stations