Maple Ridge – 2017

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Two big events happened here this year.  The first was the removal of the power lines and poles that carried electricity to the trailer.  Then, late in the summer, our neighbors moved the shed over to their own land.

2/28/2017  The hillside without the powerlines and poles.


2/28/2017  Looking north through the powerline gap.


4/25/2017  Sugar Maple woods with emerging ferns


5/6/2017  Looking north through the powerline gap


5/6/2017   Sugar Maple woods with ferns


5/7/2017  This is a part of the woods with mostly small maples and oaks.  It was probably logged fairly recently.


5/10/2017  Bishop’s Cap


5/7/2017  Dog Violet – a species I hadn’t seen before




10/17/2017  Sugar Maples