Pine Point Prairie – 2017

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Pine Point Prairie page.]

I pulled Wild Parsnip again this year, and treated Bird’s Foot Trefoil – both in the lowest part of the prairie – where it meets the sedge meadow.  Also, Mike cut and treated and removed a lot of brush and small trees that were invading the main part of the prairie.

5/26/2017  I discovered some big areas of Garlic Mustard in the woods just above the prairie, and spent a week or two treating and pulling it.  This is the western edge of the woods at the bottom of the hill, right up to our property line.


5/28/2017  View of Pine Point Prairie and Big View Bluff.  It’s easy to see the small invasive trees in the middle of the prairie.


9/11/2017  This is after the invading trees were cut.